Gently exfoliating whipped facial cleanser with a little fine pumice to polish face & give a natural glow


You will get an extremely gentle facial cleanser that I formulated with a small amount of Extra fine pumice to give you a natural glow. This cleanser is PH balanced for a gentle cleansing experience. I made it from scratch using gentle surfactants from coconut oil. This cleanser is packed with skin loving glycerin, a natural humectant.
This gentle cleanser is percent for daily use & you only need the smallest amount, like you will be shocked at how far a tiny bit goes!
This is my personal favorite product that I make! I know you will love it too! 🤗

Absolutely love the face scrub!! Smells amazing too!

Loving this product!

Amazing products that I go out of my way to buy. When I go to Georgia I make sure to frequent her shop. Otherwise I buy online from her. We have several goat soap makers locally but nobody has the quality of a girl and her goat.

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