Solid shampoo bar zero waste shampoo, gentle shampoo. travel shampoo. camping soap


You will receive an approx. 2 oz. solid shampoo bar. This shampoo bar contains very gentle surfactants that will be effective at cleaning without stripping your precious locks. I’ve added panthenol to help condition and coconut oil because it’s one of the few oils that’s been proven to be beneficial to hair. You will be surprised at how long this bar will last... the smallest amount rubbed on your scalp will provide a tremendous lather. Again, the smallest amount goes a long way! These shampoo bars are 100% concentrated... there is no water like traditional products. Keep your solid shampoo high & dry in the shower so it will last longer for you.These are perfect for travel too!

I have purchased many times and given as gifts. Every one really loves it and works great with all types of hair.

Cleans my hair wonderfully. I've struggled with finding a shampoo that really worked for me, but this is my solution. Can't wait to get more!

I love this shampoo bar and recommend highly.

It’s my favorite shampoo and it lasts a good while.

My favorite shampoo. It lasts for at least 6 weeks with me washing my hair every two days. I have long hair too.

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