Solid shampoo bar & solid nourishing conditioner bar



You will receive a 2 oz. solid shampoo bar with a 1.5 oz conditioner bar. This shampoo bar contains very gentle surfactants that will be effective at cleaning without stripping your precious locks. I’ve added panthenol to help condition and coconut oil because it’s one of the few oils that’s been proven to be beneficial to hair. You will be surprised at how long this bar will last... the smallest amount rubbed on your scalp will turn into a nice thick & creamy lather. Your conditioner bar... it’s amazing! Again, the smallest amount goes a long way! These bars are at 100% concentration, there is no water like traditional products. You can use your conditioner bar to shave with & just before you get out you can use it as an in shower lotion. Keep both products high & dry in the shower so they will last longer for you.