5 handcrafted natural goat milk soaps. FREE SHIPPING


You will receive five full-size handcrafted natural goat milk soaps FREE SHIPPING. This is a great way to get familiar with our scents! If you have specific scent requests, leave them in the comments!!

These are very large soaps not small. I love my scents and appreciate the freebie too. Thanks

Always love ordering from here. I haven’t been able to in over a year. I’m excited to see the same quality of soap and wonderful smells as always. 💜💜

Love the soap. Included a card to identify the soaps.

I'm really loving this shop! I've been testing soaps here and there and finally decided I would just go for a pseudo blind box and bought the best sellers package. They're so wonderful, make me feel clean and don't give me a migrained from the smells! They're strong scents but not in your face and don't cling to everything. I'm definitely going to stick to this shop for the future!

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