Capsaicin pain relief balm.arthritis pain salve. cayenne & mint relief salve all natural pre post workout balm


sunflower oil infused with cayenne pepper makes for an amazing all natural pain relief salve base. I use our local beeswax which is known to be a skin protectant and nourishing. Peppermint, Clove, wintergreen & camphor essential oil blend with menthol crystals make this salve the ultimate natural pain relief. Spreads easily on the skin & makes a wonderful massage for tired, sore muscles/joints. Great for athletes or just plain tired/sore muscles. Each salve comes in a convenient easy to use tube.
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One of my favorite pain relief balms, pleasantly warm feeling, and a pleasantly warm scent that isn't too overpowering

Happy with the delay haven’t used it yet

This natural roll-on was amazing! It's very effective and smells so good!

Love everything AGAAG has to offer but my aches love this in particular. Not greasy and smells awesome.

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