Handcrafted Luxury Goat Milk Soaps


I make all of my soaps from scratch with goat milk from our pet goat here on our property, no powdered milk used, only fresh goat milk. A girl & a goat products are handcrafted with care in small batches to ensure top quality. I like getting "back to basics", using only ingredients that will benefit the skin and awaken your senses. I use ingredients such as activated charcoal, herbs, spices and luxurious clays to color my soaps, no artificial colors. A girl & a goat soaps will have a creamy lather & gently clean, not strip your precious skin. All of my Luxury Goat Milk Soaps contain very similar ingredients with slight variations in the additives used. So, to keep it simple for you, just choose the scent you like.... So, stock up!!! Happy Shopping & Thank You! :)

Smells good and came fast pretty good all around

As usual, the best soap in the game!

Excellent product, as always. My fave soap.

You will love these soaps!

The absolute best soaps I've ever used!

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