pumice & soap foot scrub. foot self care at home pedicure


These are one of my best selling products!!!!! This is soap that I’ve loaded with extra moisturizing oils & exfoliating ground pumice. The foot scrub is amazing for between pedicures and gentle enough for daily use. Easy to use... just use in shower or bath on wet feet, scrub, concentrating on dry cracked areas, then rinse. I don’t recommend using this foot scrub anywhere else except your feet, it’s purpose is to really really clean & exfoliate so it may be too aggressive for other parts of your body. Self care is important. Take care of those feet y’all!
Treat your feet today with my foot scrub & you’ll see why I have a hard time keeping these made in stock 😊
Each foot scrub weighs approx 5 oz. it will last quite a while, just keep in dry place between uses

I got this as a gift for my mom who LOVES pedicure stuff and she really likes it! plus it smells good!

Leaves my feet so soft :)

Return customer here! I was given the pumice & soap foot scrub for a gift. Now I can’t live without it. My feet are so smooth when I use it!

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