Goat milk & oats bath soak 1/2 a pound- 100% natural with raw honey and colloidal oats- gentle bubble bath


This goat milk & oats bath soak is perfect for babies or those with sensitive skin. You will receive 8 ounces of goat milk, oats and honey bath soak. It is so simple to use, pour desired amount into the tub and then agitate the water. The water will become milky, soft, and slightly bubbly. great for babies too! This is a wonderful gentle bubbly bath! This item is one of our top sellers in store!!

For as long as this seller makes this product, I will be using it. I’ve bought at least 3 tubs of this already and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. My skin feels so nourished after taking a bath in this soak. And when it’s paired with one of her soaps, it is simply perfection. 10/10

Love this! Super nourishing to my skin. Consider me a repeat buyer!

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